En hier is een nog wat langer bericht

Vietnam is now in a period of golden population structure with 60% of its population being at working age. Furthermore, the country is a market economy, a member of the WTO, and a party to multiple frameworks for international economic integration, including free trade agreements with partners both within and outside the region.

Horticulture and floriculture are one of the most promising sectors of the Vietnamese economy and according to experts Vietnam has the potential to become one of the world’s largest flower exporters.

Vietnam’s exports of fruits and vegetables have grown strongly in recent years with an average rate of 26.5% per year, from USD 439 million in 2009 to nearly USD 4 billion in 2018. Further growth is expected due to increased domestic and export demand in the near future.

At HortEx Vietnam 2021, participating businesses will have the opportunity to meet and discuss directly with potential customers, enhance promotion and export activities for this promising market. The exhibition attracts professionals, buyers and visitors from Vietnam and countries around the world.